exhibition project
mars 2020

Necrologie populaire is a fictive exhibition project around French obituaries and mortuary culture. Through macabre photography and disturbing art pieces, spectators are invited to discovery the art of death and mortuary painting.Set on the Paris Medical-Legal Institut, this exhibition will take you on a journey through the Paris morgue, a place of morbid spectacle from the capital’s past.

Sense gives to this project is to invited people to think about a complex topic: death and the way society builds a scary representation of it. One of my first idea was to reinforce the modern vision of an ancient practice and invite visitors to attend this Danse Macabre.

My work was centred on aspect of this exhibition. I have study the best way to interact through the booklets and map with spectators and give them a free path during the visit. Axonometric map give more context to this fictive project.

The two posters presenting this exhibition were here to portray death theme in a poetically and artistically vision.